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Turbocommons library

A coding library that works exactly the same across developing languages like Typescript, Javascript and Php

General purpose cross-language development library

Devs around the world do the same things every day with different languages. They perform string modifications, validations, data conversions, file operations and more.

Why must they learn new ways of doing the same thing every time they move to a new language?

Reading a file, validating an email address, counting the words on a string, parsing a csv ... Why not create a cross language global library that does it exactly the same way on all languages? A library that has the same class and function names, the same variables and delivers exactly the same behaviour?

Introducing Turbo Commons!

TurboCommons tries to standarize all those common operations so they are performed the same way across all possible languages. There's a set of well known common problems, with a set of well known common solutions that are the same for all the programming languages in the world. Our goal is that any developer who knows this library can start doing the same things with Php, typescript, javascript, Java, C# ... without having to learn new method and class names. In brief, make our coding lifes easier!

What does it do?

Language support

We want to increase this list. So! if you want to translate the library to your language of choice, please contact us and help us build the most standard cross language development library in the world! We're starting so we need your help to port this library to as many languages as possible, and more important, we need to code the SAME unit tests across all the implemented languages. This is the only way to guarantee that TurboCommons delivers exactly the same behaviour everywhere.


There's a detailed online api dpcumentation for each one of the available languages. You can check it here:

Typescript / Javascript Php

How to use it


The main goal for this library is to have zero dependencies. We are building a true standalone general purpose library.

Implementation details

If we want to create a library that does this magic, we must be really strict. There are some rules that must be followed to make sure our goal is reached:

Does it really work?

We are 100% active users of the library, and we can tell you it really helps! Nowadays, everybody works with more than one language on an average development project. This library helps a lot with keeping a consistent project code base.

This is just a small taste of what you can achieve when you have a cross language library.


Turbo Commons is 100% free and open source, but we will be really pleased to receive any help, support, comments or donations to help us improve this library. If you like it, spread the word!