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Turbodepot library

A general purpose coding library that helps you store your application data: Users, logs, files, db objects, cache data... and much more!

One library for all your application storage requirements

TurboDepot gives you total control over your application storage requirements: Anything you may need to store as part of your application development is managed in a super easy and centralized way. It is also designed to be cross-language: Several versions for Php, TypeScript, JS (Node) are implemented with exactly the same features, APIs, and classes. Super reusable and cross-language. Learn once, code forever!

Language support

We want to increase this list. So! if you want to translate the library to your language of choice, please contact us! We need your help to port this library to as many languages as possible, and more importantly, we need to code the SAME unit tests across all the implemented languages. This is the only way to guarantee that the library delivers exactly the same behavior everywhere.



There's a detailed online API documentation for each one of the available languages. You can check it here:

Typescript / Javascript Php

How to use it

require '.../turbocommons-php-X.X.X.phar';
require '.../turbodepot-php-X.X.X.phar';

use org\turbodepot\src\main\php\managers\FilesManager;

$filesManager = new FilesManager();
$filesManager->mirrorDirectory('path/to/source/directory', 'path/to/destination/directory');
npm install turbodepot-node

const { FilesManager } = require('turbodepot-node');

let filesManager = new FilesManager();
filesManager.mirrorDirectory('path/to/source/directory', 'path/to/destination/directory');


This library only requires the latest turbocommons library version


TurboDepot is 100% free and open-source, but we will be really pleased to receive any help, support, comments, or donations to help us improve this library. If you like it, spread the word!