managers\DataBaseManager.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 173

managers\DataBaseObjectsManager.php 12

Type Line Description
TODO 51 - implement - this should be optional and implementation must be studied with care
TODO 124 - Implement constructor docs
TODO 180 - save multilanguage properties
TODO 181 - save a property with a complex type
TODO 182 - save an array of complex types
TODO 183 - save pictures and binary files linked to the object
TODO 184 - implement performance tests for massive amounts of data save and list
TODO 185 - verify that all unit test methods are sorted in the same order as this class methods
TODO 296 - Regarding $deleteBeforeInsert: multilan properties must be updated instead of deleted and inserted !??!?!?!
TODO 1220 - Obtain one or more Database objects given a complex filter
TODO 1268 - Implement isTrashEnabled feature

managers\DepotManager.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 444 - loop all other sources: mysql, sqlite...

managers\FilesManager.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 853 - this method will modify both directories so they merge all files from one side to the other

managers\LocalizedFilesManager.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 151 - if the class is configured to fail with non existing keys, we must check it here and launch an exception if

managers\MarkDownDocsManager.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 35 - implement this class and tests

managers\MarkDownManager.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 49 Process the received MarkDown string and throw exceptions for any incorrect format found
TODO 58 - use the validate method to tell if a received MarkDown string is valid

managers\PdfFilesManager.php 2

Type Line Description
TODO 92 - create this method
TODO 372 fer aixo

managers\TmpFilesManager.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 216

managers\UsersManager.php 4

Type Line Description
TODO 325
TODO 502 - Send an email to the provided user email account so he can click to mark that account as verified
TODO 709
TODO 820

model\UserObject.php 1

Type Line Description
TODO 67 - implement this flag that should completely disable this user when set to false